A certified and degreed paralegal with over 25 years experience. 
She graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA from a fully accredited American Bar Approved (ABA) College.

Early on in her career Rondi recognized that  a large group of people who could not afford an attorney were left with little options in assistance. Rondi wanted to provide help to the people that could not afford an attorney. Her goal was to design and offer affordable help in a variety of areas under the direct supervision of skilled attorneys. She helped pioneer one of the first paralegal services that offer this type of assistance to the general public. As a founding partner in paralegal services Rondi helped set the standard for what the industry is today.

Rondi's knowledge has come from working side-by-side with attorneys that specialize in Real Estate Law, Probate Law, Civil Litigation and Certified Family Law Specialists that offered aggressive representation.

Her experience over the years include a wide range of areas such as Family Law (including Child Support Child Custody and Modifications, Family Law Motions, Petitions and Responses, Wage Garnishment issues) Probate, Wills, Trusts and other Estate issues, Civil Answers to Complaint(s), Civil Motions, Unlawful Detainer Assistance, Adoptions, Legal Research, Declarations and Discovery. And yes, she's even taught at the local college

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Not all paralegals are the same. At LegalPrep LegalRep you will be represented by someone who holds both certificates and degrees that are ABA (American Bar Association) approved. Most Certified Specialist and AV Rated Law Firms will only hire paralegals that come with experience, are certified and degreed by an ABA College or University. Our paralegal holds all three and has worked for both AV rated firms and certified specialist. LegalPrep LegalRep brings this powerful level of skill and over 25 years of experience to you because we believe you should have the best at your fingertips when entering into a legal problem. We have been providing assistance with the myriad of forms and filings which many people find very confusing and difficult to properly fill out and file within the various courts. We have the ability to forecast ahead to help you avoid the many pitfalls associated with legal matters by ensuring that your documents are prepared properly from the start.

What sets us apart from most online legal services is that we do not send you complicated documents to fill out yourself  just to find out you cannot finish your case because they were incorrectly prepared. Without the right guidance this can happen. We have successfully assisted people right from the start to ensure your case can be finished when you’re near the end.

Paralegals are legally able to handle many areas of the law in which it is not necessary to hire an attorney.  We are not limited to just preparation of legal documents, we are also able to represent you in your Labor Board or Unemployment disputes. We will guide you toward the best possible success.

Paralegals do not give advice reserved for attorneys. This is why we partner with the best so that your questions are only answered by an attorney authorized to practice law in the State of California.

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