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"I had a Labor Board hearing to go to and I thought I would hire Rondi to represent my company because she did a great job at my EDD Unemployment hearing and we WON again! She is always prepared and likes to win."   ~  Tango One, C.M.

"I was cut off from my kids and I hired Rondi back in 2006 to get me back into their lives. I thought that because of my past, no judge would ever believe that I was a good dad. Rondi told me that she would get me a court date so I could see a judge and tell him that I have changed. She said I could tell her everything I wanted the judge to know about me to allow me another chance with my kids. Rondi listened to me and I am not good with words but she took my story and typed it up for me and when I read it I could see she wrote it with heart. I went to court and I got my time with my kids. She made all the difference in the world. I would never have done it without her."   ~  Manny P.

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"I had a problem with EDD wanting me to pay unemployment for an independent contractor. I hired Rondi to represent me at the EDD Hearing. We won. She researched the laws and knew exactly what to do and what questions to ask. I will use her services in the future."   ~  Tango One,  C.M.


"I had the most unexpected experience working with Rondi at Legal Prep.  I was going thru a divorce and unfortunately, lawyers and legal help are often needed at difficult times in your life and she made the legal portion of that smooth and painless. I didn’t even have to come into an office! I was able to have a few phone calls; some emails back and forth with her and then mail the signed pages to her. She filled out all the paperwork, filed it with the court and then sent me the final notice when it was complete. Fingers crossed I don’t need legal help again but if I do I look forward to Rondi handling it for me.  Hope this helps. And thanks again!!   ~  Christie

"We had no heat in our apartment and the manager wouldn't do nothing about it. My husband refused to pay the rent until they fixed it. The manager sued us and tried to kick us out. I hired Rondi and she took my case and talked to her attorney about it. He told her what to write in the answer telling the court what was really going on. We won the case. We moved later anyways but at least now we don't have anything on our credit and we didn't get kicked out either."   ~  Tanisha K.

"I needed to hire a lawyer to go to court for me for child support. I knew I had to pay child support but what they were trying to get me to pay was way too high. I saw Rondi and she talked to her attorney Jeff and he went to court for me and fixed my support so now I can still support myself and my children. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it."   ~  P.J.S.